Happy New Year, everybody!

I didn’t get as much done during the Holidays as i would’ve liked, but I do have some cool stuff to show.

First off, I modified the teeth on my memo with epoxy putty and got a coat of paint on it. Next I’ll give it a good polish and some light weathering before calling it “done”.


The Toy Story Snake went through extensive color and mold venting tests this weekend but I’m reasonably confident to proceed to casting final pieces this weekend. For the final pieces, I bought a sample kit of Smooth-On Task 2 which, compared to my usual SmoothCast 300, is twice as strong, half as viscous and has a longer cure time so I can get all the air out of the pieces. Here are a few pieces that I quickly assembled to test out my backyard engineering degree. It actually works!


I also got a prototype leather back armor from Fevereon for the back of my Theoden helmet! Beautiful work, as always!


With all the Theoden helmet parts cast, it’s time to start painting and assembling! I painted (with a tiny, tiny brush) the side stripes with a copper Testors model paint. It was surprisingly easy to do and didn’t take as long as I expected/


For the silver portions of the helmet, I bought some silver Goldfinger paint after having such great results with it on my Judge armor. The helmet proved to be too smooth for the paint to cover evenly so I cleaned it off and painted on some silver Testers model paint.


I was getting brush strokes in the first coat (left) so I applied a second stippled coat to simulate a hammered finish.


I applied acrylic gems to the back button and the front pieces after attaching them to the helmet.


I epoxied in some chicago screws into the back edge to mount the leather armor.


All plates were epoxied to the helmet but secured with steel rivets.


I slushed my helmet a bit thick so it barely fits on my giant noggin. It’s spending its life on a shelf so that’s not a big concern. Here are some quick shots until I finish the project page.





I still have some tweaking to do on this but it’s super close to being finished! I only started last March!

I will be posting the summarized build page for this project next week as well as announcing kit information.

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    thiѕ image jest definitywnieklasyczne!

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