It’s that time again! The new Vigil novella, A Thrill to Kill, written by my friend Arvin Loudermilk, has just been released. For fans of the original comic book series (which I drew), you get more Rupert — and Grace’s showdown with her killer, Danny Ray. Obviously, I designed the cover, or I probably wouldn’t be talking about this here!


Danny Ray Jessup, the madman who turned former police officer Grace Kimble, has been caught and left at her mercy. The powers that be have not been subtle about their intentions—they expect the prisoner to be put down, ASAP. But Grace is not a woman who likes to be pushed. Yes, Jessup has a lot to answer for. Grace just has a few questions for him first.

Forgoing teen romance and gothic supernaturalism, Vigil is part hard-boiled thriller and part crime procedural, mixed with a dash of stark urban horror—a vampire tale built for the real world.


The A Thrill to Kill e-book is available now from, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and the Kobo bookstore for $2.99.

Of course, the first Vigil e-book, The Blood Detail is still FREE on Kindle, iBooks and Kobo so it’s easy to jump in on the action!

For the traditionalists out there, all of the titles are now available in trade paperback editions.


For more information on the series, check out Arvin’s site.

More prop stuff coming soon!

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