How could I resist building a model of Homer’s pig crap silo from The Simpson’s Movie?


I built the model to be in scale with Simpsons World of Springfield figures buy glueing styrene over a plastic tube.


You can see the full build here.

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3 Responses to The Simpsons: Homer’s Pig Crap Silo

  1. Only you would make a Pig Crap silo! :-) It's, as all your work, really beautiful (for a pig crap silo!)

  2. Marge Simpson: [grimacing at the overflowing 'Pig Crap' silo] He filled up the whole silo in just two days?
    Homer Simpson: [proudly] Well, I helped.

    Great work !!!

  3. Rickie says:

    Many thanks for creating Blind Squirrel Props | The Simpsons: Homer’s Pig Crap Silo, really enjoy it.

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