Since all “World Of Springfield” playsets have spots for three action figures. The natural third banana should be Abe’s sniper target, The Fuhrer himself.


Let me just say that I have no Nazi sympathies and WILL NOT make copies of this figure. Do not even ask!

For a base figure, I started with a character called “Sarcastic Man”. I soaked the figure in boiling water to soften the joints and then popped off the head. I molded a rough head out of Aves epoxy putty on a screw and once that dried, carved in the basic features.


I continued to refine the facial features, form cuffs, collar and the lower part of the jacket. Some more refining of the features, added putty glove cuffs, collar tabs and tie and then used strips of styrene to make the epaulettes and shoulder belt. Added the collar over the shoulder belt with Aves putty. The putty is extremely strong even in paper thin applications!


More Aves putty to make the hat. More styrene to make the belt and the band across the visor of the hat.


The final painted hat. Added are a styrene eagle and gold tabs at the ends of the band. The button on the ends of the band were made with a dot of CA glue.


The final painted figure in all his rat-faced glory! The swastika armband is a laser decal.



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