I love t.v. and this category has three of my favorite properties! Most of these were personal projects.

The Amazing Screw-On Head
Full size replica build from Pepakura paper model (slushed with resin), and additional wood, MDF and plastic.
Doctor Who: Parallel World Transporter
Built from bass wood, and bits of plastic and metal.
Doctor Who: T.A.R.D.I.S. Video Cabinet
Built with basswood, MDF and balsa wood with styrene and acrylic details. The signs and lamp light up.
Game of Thrones: Dragon Egg
Built by adding epoxy putty over a lathed MDF egg form.
Game of Thrones: Stark Garbage Can Lid
Plywood replacement lid decorated with MDF sigil.
Game of Thrones: Stark Infantry Helmet
Aluminum cold cast wearable replica.
Jackie Chan Adventures: Talisman Detector
Built with basswood, laser cut MDF and 3D printed dragons
King of the Hill: Cotton Hill
3D-printed "action figure" in scale with existing King of the Hill figures.
Rome: Titus Pullo’s Knife
Built from MDF with leather lace wrapping the grip.
The Simpsons: Alan Moore
3D-printed head and hands over a modified Ripped Groundskeeper Willie figure.
The Simpsons: Hellfish Abe Simpson
Built with epoxy putty and styrene over a Groundskeeper Willie action figure.
The Simpsons: Adolf Hitler
Built with epoxy putty over a Simpsons "Sarcastic Man" figure
The Simpsons: Hellfish Montgomery Burns
The basic Monty Burns action figure with modifications in epoxy putty.
The Simpsons: WWII Ardennes Playset
Built from MDF with Sculpey polymer clay added for snow.
The Simpsons: Poochie D
Build from scratch with Sculpey, epoxy putty, styrene and MDF. The base was made to match the existing Itchy and Scratchy figures.
The Simpsons: Safety Salamander
Built over a "Casual Homer" with epoxy putty and styrene.
Star Trek: Klingon Mek’leth
Built from a single piece of Poplar with the handle wrapped in vinyl.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Life-size Michelangelo
Repainted and rebuilt large plastic figure to make it more accurate.
The Tick: Little Wooden Boy
Built from wood and bits of hardware


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