Welcome to an ongoing yard sale of props for sale from my personal collection, spare parts and “less than perfect” kits. Check back often for new items.

Helmet of King Theoden kit

This was the first casting out of my molds so it came out too thick for me to wear. If you have a small head or just want something to look awesome on your shelf, then this is the lid for you! The kit contains all the brass cold cast parts, acrylic gems and rivets as in the standard kit. You’ll just have to polish and paint it yourself. The leather neck plates are not included but I can hook you up with a supplier or send you the pattern if you’re handy with leather.







$250 shipped in the US

Sakura Star Wand kit

Not sure what happened during the casting of this one, but the seam turned out a bit wonky. A bit of sanding will take care of it, if you want to save money. Also included are the flared ends and a red pressure-cast resin gems and wand base.




$100 shipped in the US


Polished Amulet of Anubis

I was polishing this cold cast brass amulet for a client when I noticed a slight dent in the center. It’s visible from only certain angles.

BlogPhotos_0000_Layer 2 BlogPhotos_0001_Layer 1

$20 shipped in the US

Final Fantasy XII: Penelo’s Staff

Another extra from the original commission. Over 6 ft tall (75″) with removable blade and tip for easy transportation. Oak shaft with MDF blade. Real ringing bell to drive everyone nuts at your next convention! Read the original post HERE.


$120 shipped in the US



Interstella 5555 Shep’s Helmet kit

Thick helmet casting with resin visor trim and clear PETG plastic visor.




Read the original post HERE.

$150 shipped in the US



Mr. Bushido’s Mask kit

Full face mask kit includes strap hangers. See the original build HERE.


$30 shipped in the US. Regular kit price $75



X/1999 Shinken Sword

This was produced at the time of the original build. Two went to the clients, one was sold shortly thereafter and this last one has been hanging on my wall ever since. The molds are long since destroyed so there will only ever be four copies of this massive beauty! See the original build HERE.




$400 shipped in the US



Foam Game of Thrones Dragon egg

This was the result of an experiment with Smooth-on Flex Foam It. Essentially, it’s a Nerf dragon egg from my molds!


On one side, some of the scales didn’t reproduce very well.


Squishy, light and THROWABLE!


$20 shipped in the US


The fine print: All sales final. International customers are advised to purchase first, then contact me for additional shipping (I’ll deduct US shipping from your postage total). I’ll update this page as items are sold. Any questions, contact me through the contact form. All packages will ship the Monday following purchase.


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