I’ve always loved the look of this gun so I have decided to try something ambitious by re-creating this one as accurately as possible. I plan to make it as functional as styrene plastic will allow. My web research has produced actual machinists diagrams of most of the parts of the gun. Others I will have to reverse-engineer from photos.


The gun was built out of styrene and hardware with a wooden stock. This gun can be disassembled just like the real one…nothing is glued that shouldn’t be.


Eventually I will buy brass for the magazine and cast plastic bullets to fill the magazine.



You can see the full build here.

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11 Responses to Soviet PPSh-41 Submachine Gun

  1. Boba Frett says:

    Amazing work as always

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, Mike!
    I still remember You!
    I write soon!

  3. Ryan says:

    Hey could you email me copies of the diagrams used to make this? I LOVE your work, and im interested in making a toy ppsh41 of my own. And could you describe a little more of the styrene molding? Such as what pudies and glues did you use? And where would I get a heat gun?

  4. Could u give me the formats of the gun? Specially the stock of the gun??
    (PPsh 41)

    (Love ur work)

  5. Here is a link to my working plans. They aren't very complete…I kinda winged it as I went along but they should be enough to get you started.


  6. Hiya, Blind Squirrel I am amazed at your engineering prowess! Well done and I hope such a masterpiece will bring you much pleasure and joy.


  7. Hey Blind Squirrel could you give me the plans you used for the drum magazine. I have plans for stick-type/box magazine if you'd be interested.

  8. Hi Indy, all the plans I have are located here:

    I'd love to get plans for the stick magazine if you'd be so kind to email them to me at mike(at)blindsquirrelprops.com

  9. I like this and i was thinking about making one could i use the blueprints that you used?

  10. Sure! You can find them following the “Free Plans!” link above the Facebook icon.

  11. CJ says:

    Have you thought about doing a Thompson Submachine Gun?

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