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Hi! Your work is amazing!! I need make a Guts Sword for Berserk (is a Anime). The name of the sword is “Dragon Slayer”.

But the sword is so BIG and heavy… What Materials I need used To Build hit?


Sorry for my bad english. I am from Argentina.

Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it! I’d use the technique similar to when I built the giant kunai knife. I’d start with a wooden dowel running the entire length of the sword and frame it up ¬†with ribs. I skinned the Kunai with styrene plastic but you could also use sheets of insulation foam or 1/4″ balsa. The foam would have to be hard coated to protect it from damage (unless you don’t care) with something like StyroSpray. If you go the balsa route, you can coat it with fiberglass resin…it soaks into the grain and hardens it. The trick with a prop this big is to keep it as light as possible without sacrificing durability. It’s a real balancing act! Good luck!

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