Progress was slow the last few weekends so I decided to save up everything for one larger post.

It was finally time to try out the new Rohan Spear mold. I dusted the mold with aluminum powder so I could cold-cast the head.


I mixed up a small amount of resin and aluminum powder and poured it into the open faces.


The mold was then sealed up and I topped it off. The first copy came out nearly flawless! Very little cleanup.


I masked off one of the rings and painted it “brass”.


The other ring was painted copper.


To mount the head on the shaft, I needed to open up the base. I used a forester bit to drill a 1” deep hole.


I then used a Dremel sanding drum to taper the hole to make the walls look thinner.


I drilled a hole in the end of the ash spear shaft to allow a threaded rod. I sanded the end of the shaft so that it fit snugly into the spear head.


Test fit of the spear head. I need to stain the wood before this is assembled.


I also received an official replica of the Sons of the Harpy mask from Game of Thrones. The sculpt it really nice but the paint job is sloppy and awful! I decided to fix that.


First to go is the elastic strap. I could be wrong, but I don’t think elastic is used in Essos.


I gave the mask an overall base coat of Goldfinger paint. This was leftover from my Judge armor. The paint covers evenly but a single coat leaves a little of the original paint showing through. in this case, it adds depth.


I applied a black-brown acrylic wash to bring out detail and texture. Here you can see the wash applied to the right side.


Several coats of wash applied.


with the paint done, I re-strung the edge wrap.


I cut some leather strips to make the tie to keep it on my head. I think I can call this done!


The mouth of the Sakura bird head is also a clear red resin so I needed to remove that part for a separate mold. Using a razor saw, I cut out the “teeth”


I taped off the edges of the mouth, inserted the teeth. I applied some Bondo to fill the gap caused when I cut out this piece.


The head and mouth are done and ready for molding!


My Simpsons Alan Moore figure is also ready to mold.


Here is the first test pour in the mold. The color is wonky as I was still trying to figure out the mix for “Simpsons Yellow”


I finally got a good color and cast a copy for myself. The rings were hand painted (under a magnifying glass).


The beard, hair, eyes and teeth were hand painted with acrylic craft paints.


The pants and shoes were masked off and painted black. The buckle was hand painted with silver. Finally, I glued on the arms in a “I RULE THE WORLD” pose.


The final figure, ready to join my collection.


I also made some more progress on Combat Carl as well. I roughed in the major body parts and started the joints for the arm.


The hand was a difficult sculpt in general but at least Carl’s fingers are fused. That simplified things a bit.


The final hand.


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