I’ve added a new project page that summarizes the complete Simpsons-style Alan Moore figure build. There is also a kit available if you want to assemble and paint your own.


I made a big mistake and removed the first casting of the Rohan spear head from the mold too soon. As it was curing, the blade warped and no amount of heat would pop it back to its original position. For the second pour, I left it in the mold for 24 hours. Overkill, I’m sure but I didn’t want to take the chance. Again, I polished up the surface with steel wool, painted the rings, weathered it with a wash of black acrylic, etc.



I bought an 8-ft 1-1/4″ ash spear shaft online and sanded and stained it. Once this dries and is clear coated, I’ll glue on the spear head!


While I was waiting for paint to dry, I pulled out my Judge Death helmet to work on it some more. I just realized that i hadn’t worked on it in almost a year! There are still some ridges and high points, so it’s going to need more sanding. Bleh.


I also got started on the visor. I had some ancient sheet styrene that looked to be the proper thickness. I cut the individual spikes and strips to form the top and bottom braces. More on this next week!


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