During lunch last week, I was able to scan in the foam templates for Theoden’s helmet back plates and get the pattern laid into a template.


The two plates will be riveted to three straps. The whole assembly will be bolted inside the back of the helmet. Fev has kindly offered to make these out of leather for me (and the kits as well!)…stay tuned for awesomeness!


While I was applying the dome detail, I noticed that the arc patterns were applied off-center. Ugh…


I ripped them off and re-cast new patterns with some leftover resin from a Mr. Spell pour.


Since I needed to re-do the mold for a few pieces to accommodate the mounting screws, I drilled out mounting holes for acrylic gems.


I was always a lukewarm fan of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles but I Looooooooooove the new Nickelodeon show. While picking up supplies at Wal-Mart, I about fell over to find a LIFE-SIZE 4-FOOT TALL plastic Michelangelo!!!!


The arms, wrists and head turn and the shell opens up for his nunchakus!


Overall, it’s a really nice sculpt! Hopefully they make his brothers.


The downside is that the plastic just isn’t the right color and it demands a new paint job!


All the parts are all held in place with tabs or screws so it wasn’t hard to disassemble.


All the turtle parts! I opted to leave the legs attached to the body frame as it would have been too hard to take apart.


All the parts with a coat of primer. It really looks like a ninja now!


My friend Paul has also purchased prop samurai armor from the movie “47 Ronin”.


The suit doesn’t come with a “mempo” which is a decorative/protective chinstrap. Here is a real one that I’ll base my replica on.


I made a low polygon test model in 3D and printed out a Pepakura prototype to test the size.


The model was then refined with basic detail and uploaded to Shapeways. The new pricing allowed this fairly large piece to be printed for $75…certainly worth saving all the time it would take to resin and sand. I’ll do some more detail work to the printed part before making a mold.


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