With the wheels in silicone, the last component that I needed to resolve was attaching the handle/ears to the head. I carefully measured the distances on both sides, penciled in a circle and proceeded to cut holes for the ear pucks to fit into. Once the fit was right, I used Bondo to clean up the hole.


A test fit of the handle on the head.


There is going to be a piece of clear plastic over the mouth area so I needed to make a vacuum forming buck for it. Once it was finalized, I cleaned up the edge with Bondo.


Here is a better view of the buck.


And just to double check my work, I dropped some acrylic cabochons into the mouth. I’ll just have to order red ones for the final robots.


To finish off my Sauron costume for Halloween, I decided to make a neck piece since the suit never had one. I hot glued together the underlying structure with fun foam. Man, you just can’t keep white foam clean on the porch!


The piece connects in back with velcro.


Next, I glued on layered plates, roughly to shape.


The raised spines were made by running a bead of glue in the fold.


A quick spray of grey latex paint.


Some quickie runes drawn in puffy paint and painted sloppily with Rub’n Buff. Remember, this is temporary armor to get me through Halloween.


Combined with my new foam helmet and crappy styrene armor. Looks much better!


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2 Responses to Progress Weekend October 18-20

  1. The neck piece really improves the Sauron armor.

  2. Joseph Landrum says:

    Haha, I’m looking forward to the day when my skill rises to the level of what you consider “crappy”.

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