I carved a vacuum forming buck out of basswood that fit inside the head.


To make sure that what I have planned is going to work, I formed a test dome from the unfinished buck. This is also a nice test run for forming the final dome.


To support the dome, I glued styrene to make a recessed edge on the inside of the head.


The dome is now supported within the head.


I also test vacuum formed some clear plastic over the brain masters. For diffusing the lights that will eventually be installed, I tried two different methods. One side, I sanded the inside and the other, I spray painted some white primer. After the lights were placed underneath, the painted brain worked much better, showing only nice soft light shapes. It’s nice when the easy solution is the one that works!


With the testing out of the way, I sealed the wood and puttied/primed the dome and brain masters.


One of the remaining parts to build is the handle assembly. At the base of the handle is a rounded-top cylinder, very similar to the ones on Mr. Spell, only 1/8″ smaller in diameter. Grabbing two resin copies from a Mr. Spell kit, I was able to remeasure the perimeter and sand them to the proper size.


I cut the handle and glued the discs to it.


I have one more vacuum forming master to make for the mouth and then I can complete the detailing on all the pieces.


Since my Dredd leathers probably won’t be in my hands until after Halloween, I had to make other plans for a costume. The cheapest and easiest solution was to drag out the Sauron armor again but I really hated how the costume looked last year. The biggest problem was that my old helmet was too big (not to mention inaccurate) so I looked like a bobble head. Using my good Sauron helmet as a guide (which I don’t dare take out in public since it’s the only copy), I decided to re-create the mask in fun foam over my plaster bust.


I started hot glueing panels over the internal structure. I wanted to keep the detail pretty simple since this will only be used once.


The top of the helmet.


Additional detail layers.


The back of the helmet.


All the spikes were made with three pieces of foam. They were rigid enough to stand without any sort of reinforcement.


I painted the foam with a spray Krylon latex paint and applied runes with puffy paint.


A black wash brings out some detail.


I drybrushed shading into areas that should be more dimensional.


The final helmet compared to the abomination that it’s replacing! How embarrassing!


The final foam helmet compared to the sculpted replica. 5 hours work compared to 5 weeks…worth it???


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5 Responses to Progress Weekend October 11-13

  1. Lissa Carroll says:

    I do like the paint of the original replica you made over the new one but I think its pretty good overall.

  2. yakoenicol says:

    this is amazing work you do…!!

  3. Which thickness is the foam you used?

  4. j herne says:

    pretty sweet eh!! made a Sauron “mask” many years back out of sheet metal….total pain but no one really rememebers at a party exactly what Sauron looks like, passed the test .now this Halloween want to make a better replica we shall see!!

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