The past few weekends (with time out for turkey) were spent on the seemingly interminable task of making silicone molds. The natural inclination is to rush the process and cut corners but you’re not doing yourself any favors…it just creates more work later or results in wasted material. So, slowly but surely, I made molds for nearly 40 parts of the Toy Story Robot.


I was able to save some silicone by filling cavities with old silicone molds. This was a worn-out mold from the Caster Gun.


The first piece from the molds…the back of the Toy Story Robot, slush cast hollow so I can insert electronics.


Second piece out was the battery door. I need to add more vents so it pours properly but this version can be patched up for my copy.


After the window on the back is cut out, the parts can be put together. The parts pressure-fit nicely so I don’t have to worry about adding hinges or magnets to keep it in place.


While those molds were curing, I prepped my Dredd helmet for molding. I put it on my plaster head, inserted a plastic visor and filled the edges with clay.


The first layer of Smooth-On Mold Max Stroke silicone (the “print coat”) is applied thinned to capture detail and allow any bubbles to release away from the sculpt. Additional thicker layers were added to build up the mold walls, ending with a mold mold of Plasti-Paste II to help it keep its form.


The first slush cast copy from the mold.


I also made a mold for the helmet badge so it could be cold cast in brass.


In addition to my copy, I cast a second that goes to the winner of my contest last October. They’ll both need a little cleanup to remove flaws in the castings. These helmets will be painted with a pristine black and red finish to match the comics…no battle damage to hide flaws like the movie version!


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3 Responses to Progress Weekend November 29-December 1

  1. Bob says:

    Great Tutorial!!!!! Very nice job! ^^

  2. Spiffyman30 says:

    thats a lot of moulds. and by the way, you should make things from League Of Legends. Like swords and stuff.

  3. Scoots says:

    I gruddamn love that drokking helmet! 😉

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