First off, I’m still plugging away on all the molds for the Toy Story Snake. Sooooooo many parts and you have to be meticulous so that the mold turns out good. I picked up a sample kit of Smooth-On Task 2 resin which has a lower viscosity and higher strength so it should work great for the thin Snake parts.


I finished the cleanup on Theoden’s helmet and cut pieces of cardboard to glue on the inside of the edges. This allows the silicone to build up around the edges without falling into the helmet


Once the silicone layers cure, I trimmed up the edge.


I used more pieces of cardboard to mark the centerline of the mold.


This piece was removed and used to cut out 1/4” plywood profiles. Two of these pieces were bolted together to define the join of the Plasti-Paste mother mold halves.


Once the other mold cured, it was removed and the rubber mold was pulled off the master.


The mold and support shell were reassembled and a thin layer of black tinted resin and brass powder were slushed inside. Another layer of tinted resin was added to build up the walls.


The first pull from the molds. A few air bubbles but nothing that bad!


The back


A little bit of polishing and I just had to snap on the crest. It’s starting to look like a helmet! I have a lot more polishing and then I can paint some of the inlay color. Then I can assemble all the parts! Woo hoo!


I had a little time to paint on the Turtle. I laid down a base coat for the stomach.


And then followed it up with a wash in the panel grooves and dry brush the chipped edges.


Paul finally received his prop Samurai suit from the movie “47 Ronin” It’s really amazing and detailed!


The 3D printed memo for that suit also arrived from Shapeways. It’s printed as a 1.5mm thick shell in their White, Strong & Flexible plastic with the Polished option.


A traditional Samurai “Selfie”.


In order to mold the mask, we added clay from the outside into the mouth and nose cavities. I probably should have closed those parts when I modeled it for printing.


Some Bondo was applied to the inside to strengthen the mask for final sanding. We also applied some more detail with epoxy putty. Once again, that would have been easier to sculpt in 3D but for some reason I didn’t think of it.


I even added a Chrysanthemum grommet to the sides to hide a strap hole.


Expect some sexy Theoden pics next week. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Mr. Shannon B. says:

    you are BOSS at this good sir!!!!!

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