There is nothing more humbling than trying to get a piece “perfect”. You work all day filling holes, sanding, spraying primer so that you can fill more holes. You think you finally have every flaw corrected and the next day you see a whole new set of imperfections. Maddening!

Last weekend was exactly that scenario with all the pieces of the Toy Story Robot. I thought that I’d be able to start molding but I also realized that I hadn’t figured out the articulation of the head and waist.

For the head, I carved a hole in the top of the torso pieces. After tracing the neck, I cut a guide line into the basswood with an Xacto blade. The remaining material was removed with a router bit chucked into the drill press.


I also made a piece that would fit INSIDE the neck ring from a piece of PVC, capped with a piece of styrene. The hole in the middle allows the wires for the head electronics to pass through.


A test fit of the neck onto the torso.


The upper part of the head needed two wire holes each brain hemisphere could get its light rig. These holes matched up with branching holes in the lower head to feed the wires into the torso. The neck is secured with a lamp nipple and locking nuts.


I drilled a hole in the wheel base for another lamp nipple. It will be glued into the base and the torso will be secured with a locking nut.


A test fit of the main body parts. It’s starting to look like a robot!


I suspect I’ll have a little more cleanup to do but I expect to finally get to make molds for these pieces this weekend.

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