It’s that time again! The final Vigil novella, Song of the Damned, written by my friend Arvin Loudermilk, was released recently. Obviously, I designed the cover, or I probably wouldn’t be talking about this here!


Four young UVA members have been illegally detained by the government. Grace Kimble and her army of fellow vampires will stop at nothing to get them back. A citywide operation is launched, one which could not only free the prisoners, but might also bring an end to the human-vampire conflict once and for all.

Forgoing teen romance and gothic supernaturalism, Vigil is part hard-boiled thriller and part crime procedural—mixed with a dash of stark urban horror. This is a vampire tale with a real bite.


Song of the Damned e-book is available now from, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and the Kobo bookstore for $1.99. It is also available as a trade paperback.

Of course, the first Vigil e-book, The Blood Detail is still FREE on Kindle, iBooks and Kobo so it’s easy to jump in now that the entire series is out!

For more information on the series, check out Arvin’s site.

OK, now on to the prop stuff!

Getting back to Michelangelo (shamefully, it’s been a year since I started this), I painted this foot wrap and assembled the legs.


The arm wraps are the same color so I painted those at the same time.


To store his nunchucks, Mikey as a boxlike strap on either side of his belt. You can see the half-assed nod to it molded into the surface. I heat formed and painted some ABS to make it more accurate.


I drilled and glued some nail heads into the elbow and knee pads to match what is shown on screen.


To make stitching, I had my trusty Cameo Silhouette cutter trim out some masks with Frisket masking film.


A quick shot of paint completes the stitching!


All the completed body parts assembled.


Look who showed up! The bodies are identical so you can really see how much painting improves the toy. Guess I have a new project once Mikey is done!


I was okay with the mask going into the project but it the eye stickers and rubber mask really looks shitty on the new body. I’ll be replacing the eyes, Opening the mouth and making a new mask.


I bought some acrylic doll eyes that I can harvest the irises from. The orb of each eye will be much bigger.


I bought some 3mm EVA foam to make the new masks for Mikey and Leo.


I re-made the base of the nunchucks after finding really good reference for the grips. It was confirmed to me via Twitter from the series Executive Producer Ciro Nieli that the grips are the same for both Mikey and Leo.


Last step was to hand carve the diamond insets into the grooves.


I made the swivel chain connector out of scrap styrene. They will attach with pins made from Chicago screws.


By my estimate, the chain is about 1/4″ thick. I tried cutting it from acrylic but it was just taking too damn long. I gave up and sent a file to Scorpion Ridge Engraving and had them laser cut the, Perfect links!


I made a mold and cold cast copies in aluminum.A light polishing brings out the shine but leaves them weathered!


My plan was to cut each link, heat them up and link them together, sealing the seam with super glue. I am happy to report that it worked great!


Both chains completed!


I used the same method to connect each end of the chain to a cold cast copy of the swivel. Rain prevented me from casting the nunchucks batons so we’ll all have to wait until next weekend to see those! Booooo!


I had given up on a Pepakura build of Dr. Fate’s helmet but found a buyer for it. I had some final smoothing to do and then applied a coat of gloss black to check my work.


Here is the final helmet after paint, gloss coat and waxing. A flawless paint job thanks to Volpin’s enlightening book! I highly recommend it!


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