I’m trying something new this week. Since I have been so bad at blogging progress this year, I’ve decided that I will live tweet during my weekend build sessions and then post all the pictures here on the blog. By following along on twitter, you can see things as they happen but what you see here will not be purely repeating that. I plan to expand on details, add links and all that stuff. During the summer, I will be building from 6 am-noon, Arizona time. See you then!

Now on with the building!

The turntables that I’ve been using for painting have just about outlived their usefulness. There’s so much paint and primer on this thing that it barely moves.


This new fancy turntable was bought at Lowes. Look for “OXO 1-Tier Plastic Full Circle Tabletop Lazy Susan (Item #: 412173 |  Model #: 1463380)“. It’s only $11.99. It is no longer this clean.


One of the commissioned builds on the work table now is a Toy Story Robot for an Australian collector. The wheels fit on the axles with a pressure fit…no glue necessary.


After the torso was painted with a base coat of blue, I masked off the bottom and painted it red.


Of course, I forgot to cut out the arm holes. I used a Dremel to carve out the opening and smooth the socket.


The forearm slides in the upper arm tube and then the claw can be attached.


The shoulders are inserted in the chest, held in place by the socket cups.


The sockets are hot glued on one side. This keeps the shoulders in place but leaves enough flex to allow full movement.


The jaw is seated on the neck and secured with a threaded lamp nipple. The wires for the electronics will feed though this tube.


The head is then glued to the jaw.


While the paint is drying, I applied a black wash to the cold cast Turtle stands.


After the wash dries, I give them a quick buffing with steel wool to bring out the metal shine. I didn’t bother to paint the letters for the rest of the characters.


For my Stormtrooper E-11 blaster, the last thing that I needed to add to the power cylinders were the wing tabs (in white). These are just small pieces of styrene.


The insulated wire gets a purposely half-assed paint job. You want to see some of the red come through.Progress_2016_May8_014

Although the curly wires attaching the power cylinders to the Hengstler counter only appear in a few examples in A New Hope, I think they look cool and functional. I stripped off the black wire (from its red side), wrapped it around a file and heated it up with the heat gun to lock in the curl.

The wires then get a coat of black Plasti-Dip to hide the red.Progress_2016_May8_016

I cut small aluminum tubes and attached them to the rear bolts of the cylinders. The ends of each wire are inserted into each tube.

Finally the power cylinders are glued onto the top of the magazine well and the wires are glued into the Hengstler counter.Progress_2016_May8_018

I also got a new kit from DoopyDoos (who made my E-11 blaster kit) of Han Solo’s ANH pistol, nicknamed the “Greedo Killer”. I’ll be cleaning this up over the next few weeks.Progress_2016_May8_019

The other commission in the shop is a build of my Caster Gun kit. I got the trigger installed last weekend so I can now seal up the grip and remove the seam with Bondo.

This awesome paint goes over a silver base coat. The final result is a deep, glossy shine!




the trigger piston was masked off to paint both colors.Progress_2016_May8_021


The base coat paint on the Caster Gun grip.Progress_2016_May8_023

In preparation for attaching the handle, I masked off the glue joint area and painted around it. Once I did a test fit, however, I discovered that I actually needed to make that area smallerProgress_2016_May8_024

Once the base coat had 24 hours to dry, I masked off the brown areas and painted the silver.


The grip and both trigger guards have to be glued on to the barrel at once. It’s a bit tricky.

And, of course, once the epoxy set, I realized that one of the trigger guards wasn’t seated properly. The glue was still soft enough to pull everything apart.


This time, I glued the guards in place by themselves, to ensure that they were straight.Progress_2016_May8_029

The grip was easy to slide between the guards and glue in place. I’m not sure why I never did it this way before.Progress_2016_May8_030


Lastly, I finally got around to cleaning up the 3D printed Mr Potato Head eyes. I think the pegs may be slightly too long so I’ll be making a mold of one to test trimming down the length.Progress_2016_May8_025


Remember, there will be more live tweeting this Friday morning and all weekend!

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3 Responses to Progress Weekend May 6-8

  1. Shannon Brown says:

    Amazing work. I’ve been watching your work for awhile now…( um, that’s not supposed to sound, creepy,stalker-like haha) your skillz keep getting better and better. One day, when I win the lottery, maybe I can become your apprentice? ( okay, that kinda sounds creepy too. LoL) my Wife & Son can tell you, my Nerdy-Geekiness, is on a level that is unlike any others,in a good way, of course. if you could teach me to make the dreaded (replica) “Sawed-Off shotgun” from Gears of War 3. I bought the blueprints from you, but, You sir, have the detail,from the ( replica ) shotgun shells, that can be actually loaded/placed in, to the metal handle, to the…well the WHOLE thing is a masterpiece really. You sure you don’t wanna make another? Wait is this an email, or comment section? Regardless. Great work

    • Mike Iverson says:

      Thanks for reading the blog! I hope you’ve found it helpful.

      • Shannon Brown says:

        Yeah, It’s really cool to see (your work) & read the blog. It’s what motivated me to build my first prop. I made a Gears of War “Gnasher” awhile back (out of wood).I’ll try my hand at some other stuff soon. I want to try a “Jackbot” and a “Longshot” both from ⚙Gears of War⚙. I make all my stuff out of lumber,mostly. Keep up the awesome work. Maybe you can make some videos one day? Well, that takes time, & I know there doesn’t seem to be enough of that, especially when you’re creating awesome pieces.

        Delta Out.
        (Don’t worry about replying back. I’m just rambling. LoL)

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