I was pulling out some molds from a storage cabinet and I spotted this beauty sitting in front. At first, I thought it was just a well-fed scorpion but after some research, I think someone is pregnant! Maybe I’ll try to re-locate her as I’m not sure I like the thought of 50-100 tiny scorpions running around where I work.


To re-make the mold for my Sakura star wand, I needed two halves to make a new master. I finally used up the rest of the Onyx.


The other side started out as a grey casting but I forgot the pigment in the second mix. At that point, I said “what the heck” and grabbed any color I could find to fill the mold.


The glueing sides were sanded flat on the belt sander.


Here both sides are epoxied together, and a coat of primer applied.


I used Bondo to fill the seam and other dents. It was a long process to clean up but it should be ready for silicone this next weekend.


The base coat brown of the Caster Gun had a week to fully cure. It only took 47 minutes to mask off the piping.


The piping painted red. There were a few spots where the spray paint snuck under the tape but they were easily cleaned up with more paint or a bit of Mineral Spirits on a Q-tip.


During the seam removal process, I messed up the paint on the butt. I had to re-mask that part for painting.


For the trigger guard and breach arm, I cut aluminum tubing and glued in the resin inserts to allow rivets to connect them.


Trigger guard tube in place.


At this point, I could also attached the piston.


I glued on the muzzle as well.


There is a small strip under the breach arms that needed to be painted black. I marked the area that would show and then used some Frisket to mask off that area.


To bring out detail, the breach arms were weathered with a black acrylic wash. The bottom one is the “after” shot.


Very close to being done! Just the vent decals and the sights left to add.


I forgot about the oval dots that appear on the barrel. I made it a separate piece on the new molds to make seam cleanup easier.


My Stormtrooper Rubies E-11/POS needed some finishing touches. I added some light weathering to mimic the good blaster.


I also added some stickers for the counter and sight.


I decided to assemble the Thermal Detonator for my Stormtrooper armor. After painting the base tube, I added the end caps and control panel.


Finally, I attach the belt clips.


With Phoenix Comiccon coming up this next weekend, Paul needed to replace a hook on his 47 Ronin mempo. I cut a nail, bent it, cut off the end and then glued it from the inside. The nail head provided a nice wide base to see the nail in place. The helmet’s “chin strap” loops around this hook.


On Saturday, Paul and I will be wearing our Judges’ uniforms again. Paul never got around to installing his new screen cast knee pads so we sat down on Sunday to take care of that. I cut a paper template that would fit around the pad, then used that to trace the opening that would need to be cut in the pants. I used a metallic marker to trace the hole position.


It’s terrifying to cut into a $450 pair of leather pants! I cut the hole smaller than needed to allow material for sewing the edge.


A quick test fit to check my work. OK so far.


Paul bought some leather piping from the UK (Oddly could not find a domestic source for this) and we sewed it to the edge of the opening.


Once we made it all around, the end was cut flush and glued to the starting point. We positioned the seam in the lower inside corner so it wouldn’t be as noticeable.


Both knees glued in with CA glue. To further reinforce the edge, we ran a few stitches along the top and bottom of each pad.


A fitting to test all our hard work. They’re riding a bit low in the picture but the tall boots will nudge them into position.


Alright, there may not be much work done as Comicon will pre-empt my usual work time but I’ll live tweet and post what I do get done.

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