I’ve been working on a new mold for the dragon egg with the intention of making each half in an enclosed mold so I could just do a simple pour with no slush casting. The attempt left me with too many bubbles so I fell back to a sealed one-piece roto cast, like the original egg. This time, I positioned the seam along the edges of the scales so that cleanup will be easier.


I removed the flash and corrected a few scales that were out of place due to a little mold misalignment. This was still MUCH less work than what I faced with the old mold.


The seam at the base was removed with a little scribbling with this Dremel attachment. Even one area that had a misalignment gap of 1/8” was sanded down and disguised with a little scribbling!


A small about of putty and sanding removed the last of the tool marks along the seam. The good thing about this piece is that any flaws in the casting can be written off as damage or dirt!


The egg now has a coat of black primer and is ready for the base coat of paint!


I forgot about the decorative doo-dads on the Dothraki arakh blade. The center beveled piece is an amber gem while the “flowers” are flat pieces.


To make the “Flowers”, I cut four squares from 1/8” acrylic, drew guides on the top one and clamped all four for drilling.


Five drill holes did most of the work.


I used the same drill bit in the center hole to hold the pieces together. Now I could sand the corners of all the pieces at once.


I spent a few hours hand sanding the bevel on the arakh’s blade. I applied a coat of black primer and wet sanded the surface up to 1000 grit.


I wet sanded and polished the handle as well.


The final sword ready for casting.


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One Response to Progress Weekend May 22-24

  1. Carlos says:

    Third picture from bottom looks like the blade is already a cold cast.

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