During lunch last week, I decided to build more effective risers for my TNMT action figures. The old ones I built from MDF work well for the 3-3/4” figures but not for the bigger ones. I started with some black foam core and cut 2-3/8” strips.


Each strip was hot glued to each other.


Eventually you end up with something like this. I have enough room for three levels.


To support the shelves, I cut a few Tetris pieces to glue under the steps.


I whipped up a quick 3D model and applied a brick texture and some moulding. Not necessary but I thought it was appropriate for the Turtles.


Here it is in use. There are probably 1/2” too tall per step but it works.


I threw on a coat of black paint on the Rubies blasters.


The only other paint, besides weathering, I did was to paint the ejection port.


The hardest part of the Toy Robot kit is trimming the visor. I reviewed the video tutorial and then trimmed the first two edges.


Once the other side was trimmed, I could mark the bottom edge.


It took twenty-some trips to the belt sander but the visor finally fit.


I forgot what glue I used last time, so a quick test on a scrap confirmed that it was the Loctite plastic epoxy. It glues without hazing the clear plastic.


I vacuum formed the mouth dome from .010 PETG. Even with the tiny vac table, I can fit a second on there for next time.


I glued in the acrylic cabochon teeth and the mouth dome.


A quick test fit shows how a thin layer of paint makes a big difference. I had to open the holes in each shoulder before the arm would fit.


Glued in.


I glued on the handle, slipped on the tread and suddenly it’s done! It’s funny how the finish line sneaks up on you sometimes.


Back to the Caster Gun, I masked of the breach rails and cap to paint the breach itself an aluminum silver.


A quick coat of primer shows areas of the barrel seam that need cleaning up.


It took about 4 passes to remove the seam.


While primer and putty was drying, I hand painted the piping on the special shells.


To put the marking on the base of each shell, I applied the vinyl masking decal and used plastic wrap to cover the rest.


A quick shot of black paint finishes the job.


With the seam gone, I applied a base coat of Krylon Brown Boots. It will dry for a week, then I get to mask off the piping on the barrel and paint that. No fun at all.


Be sure to follow along on Twitter at @BlindSquirrelly this weekend for my live build sessions.

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3 Responses to Progress Weekend May 20-22

  1. Shannon Brown says:

    Wow. You’re on the “next level” of custom stuff.

  2. Star says:

    If your arteclis are always this helpful, “I’ll be back.”

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