One of my Robot kit customers asked for a tutorial on trimming the head visor. It’s not as hard as you might think but you just have to be careful.

I was sent a sample of Barge cement to try out on my projects. This arrived just in time!


I had just been over to Tandy leather and they had sold out of their supply which I needed to attach the screen cast knee pads to my new LeatherNext Judge uniform pants.

Barge is a contact cement which is applied to both sides of the glue seam. You let it dry and then press the seam together.


Here is the final pad in place. It seems pretty strong and is only supposed to get stronger with time. I have Phoenix ComicCon coming up at the end of the month so we’ll see how it performs!


I also used it on some risers that I’m making from old melamine coated shelving boards.


The risers help to show the action figures at the back of the shelf no matter their size. I’ll be running a giveaway of Barge samples in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned!


I realized that I had forgotten to make part of the Dothraki sword hilt – a rounded detail at the base of the blade. I chucked some basswood to the lathe and turned the piece.


I applied coat of filler primer and polished the piece with a paper towel while it was still chucked. You can get a mirror finish in seconds effortlessly!


I trimmed the piece from the rest of the wood block and cut a square hole to allow it to slide on the sword’s tang.


A quick test fit!


I puttied up the seam and gave everything a coat of semi-gloss paint. It went on heavier than I wanted so I’m getting some ripples. I kinda like it but will probably sand it smooth again.


More progress next week!

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  1. […] lunch last week, I decided to build more effective risers for my TNMT action figures. The old ones I built from MDF work well for the 3-3/4” figures but not for the bigger ones. I started with some black foam core […]

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