On Thursday, I picked up the laser-cut axe design from Scorpion Ridge Engraving. I had them cut it from 1/16” acrylic so I could glue it to both sides of the Rohirrim axe head.


I peeled off the protective paper from one side and glued down the border with epoxy. Then I used thick CA glue to attach each piece of the pattern.


Last week also saw the arrival of a Rohan horse’s head from Shapeways. The part was printed hollow and will be glued to the back of the axe head.


Once I got one side glued down, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to sand down the edge for the blade!


The acrylic didn’t lay down as well as I hoped as it crossed the curve near the handle. I ended up cutting off parts to heat them individually and glue them down. Bondo corrected some misalignment.


One side done, primered and a quick test fit of the horsie!


After the second side was glued down, I could sand the other edge. It’s a real axe now! Now I just have to clean up the detail before throwing it in rubber next weekend.


While I was working on that, I finally got around to finishing my Dredd helmets. I touched up the paint, gave them a good wet sanding and top coated them with a gloss clear coat.


To make the visor, I used scraps of .06 PETG from the Toy Story Robot build, heated them in the oven and draped them over a plastic bucket until cool.


I positioned the PETG in the helmet, secured it with a clamp and hot glued it in place.


I then applied some limo window tint to the top half of the visor.


The comic book helmet fits more snugly than the movie helmet, so I opted to line it with black felt.


I used some 1/4” foam and black headliner material to make small pads that I could glue to the temples inside the helmet. They help the helmet stay in place when worn.


I used 000 steel wool to buff a shine on the cold cast badge and then epoxied it in place.


Finally, I could wear the helmet I’ve wanted since I was 16!



Congratulations to David Derksen of Winnipeg, Canada for his winning entry in last October’s Dredd helmet contest. Sorry it took so long, brutha!

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2 Responses to Progress Weekend March 7-9

  1. Scoots says:

    Beautiful work on the axe – but that Bolland lid? Oh my stars and garters, I WANT!! 😉

  2. TP says:

    Your site is one of the few reasons that I look forward to getting to work in the mornings so that I can see updates on your work. Truly fantastic work!

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