Saturday morning, I was able to de-mold the axe and do my first test pour. To preserve the detail on the sides of the blades, I mixed up a small amount of Smooth-On Onyx with aluminum powder and brushed it into the molds.


The first piece came out pretty nice. it took some elbow grease but I was able to shine it up with 000 steel wool.


Now that I got the axe all pretty, it was time to dirty it up! I brushed in black acrylic into all the nooks and crannies.


I let it dry and then using the steel wool, brushed it off the raised areas. I left some spots for general grime.


The last step was to scar up the surface with scratches with an emery board. I used a blade to knick the edge, presumably damaged on an orc’s skull.


Next step, attach the handle and weather it up!

In other news, I started ANOTHER project: a Stark Army helmet from Game of Thrones. What good timing considering there’s no longer a Northern army.


I built the basic shape in 3D and then built a Pepakara paper model.


I slushed Onyx into it. The first coat is really messy as the plastic will run out of every hole. You definitely want to wear gloves and clothes you don’t mind ruining.


The initial sanding removes all the corners and high spots. Next it will get a coat of Bondo to fill in gaps.


More next week!

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2 Responses to Progress Weekend March 28-30

  1. Andrew says:

    Is the axe hollow or did you just fill in the rest with regular resin?

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