I was commissioned by an Australian Toy Story fan to make replacement eyes for his 2010 Thinkway Electronic Mr Potato Head. The standard set has the eyes combined as one piece.


In the Toy Story movies, Mr. Potato Head has separate eyes.


I sculpted two sets of eyes with different eyebrows which could be mixed up for different expressions. These were sent off to Shapeways for printing.


Another project that I’ve been working on for YEARS is a Stark army shield from Game of Thrones.


The official replica is a cheap stamped metal shield with soft details. The edge of the shield has a really cool pattern that didn’t come through at all. Bleh!


Using reference from pictures taken at the Game of Thrones traveling exhibit, I was able to draw up an accurate set of plans.


Most of the shield won’t be problem to make but that pattern was going to be an issue. I sculpted a small section in 3D and sent it off to Shapeways.


Once it came back, I made a mold. I kept it on my work table whenever I did any casting. Any leftover resin got dumped into the mold. Before long, I had enough to cover the circumference!


Now that I can pressure cast clear resin, I decided to re-address my Sakura wand kits. I cast new wand tip halves from the original mold and glued them together.


A little Bondo and primer gets it ready to mold.


I’ve also been commissioned to build another Theoden scabbard.I still had enough leather leftover to build two…anyone in the market for a right-handed scabbard for their Herugrim?


After paying taxes, I decided to treat myself with another Hobbit replica…Taurel’s bow! This United Cutlery replica is one of the nicest pieces they’ve ever made. It is made from steel-reenforced resin RIGHT FROM THE ORIGINAL MOLDS!! It is surprisingly big and hefty.


The paint job is really nice and the detail is flawless.




It even comes with an arrow and wall mounting bracket. The arrow is also cast resin of some sort but it looks like the real deal.


What I love about the Kirkwood arrow is that it is a piece of wood that has been GROWN into an arrowhead . So cool!


Buck.com has these on sale right now ($175.98 down from $281.02).

I can’t recommend it enough!

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2 Responses to Progress Weekend March 18-20

  1. hong says:

    potato eyes is when~~?
    i want it

  2. […] pegs of my 3D-printed Mr. Potato Head eyes are slightly too long. Instead of risking messing up the masters, I used Composimold to make a […]

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