I started the last weekend by making a mold of the decorative doodads at the base of my Dothraki sword.


I also made a small mold for the gem as well.


I cast up 10 copies. The different colors are come from kits I was casting at the same time. It’s always good to have extra molds sitting around to catch the excess resin!


In preparation for the production mold, I hit the gems with a final polishing. The one on the right has been polished.


All 10 polished and ready to mail to the kind souls who agreed to pressure cast these clear gems for me.


I also painted up my new version of the Game of Thrones dragon egg.


This new version has a more accurate top.


Here’s a shot showing the base with many, many applications of brown acrylic paint.


I’ll be announcing the winners of the Barge cement samples tomorrow. You still have some time to get your entry in! Good luck!


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