This last weekend was Phoenix Comicon. I knew they were predicting temperatures above 115º F for the Friday and Saturday that I was attending, so I made sure I had reserved underground parking at the convention center. Park, short walk, right in the door!

What I found was that there was one line for paid memberships and for people who still had to buy one. The line wrapped around three sides of the Convention Center, back to the front, across the street and down the block. Fortunately, I was not in costume (although Paul was in his 47 Ronin armor) as it was already hitting 105º by 11:30. Throughout the the 47 minute wait, I bitched and moaned on Twitter…







(And my favorite) #bataandeathmarch

Besides getting some good deals on toys, one of the highlights was finding the Shapify booth. They had this amazing rig that spun around the person standing on a platform and scanned them to produce a 3D model. The data is then printed out at their facility and shipped in about two weeks. I’ve seen other  people posting their 3D scans and prints that they got at other conventions and I was dying to do it myself! The samples they had at the booth were really detailed and amazing! Here is Paul getting scanned for his 6″ print.




The next day when I was in uniform, I stopped by and got scanned myself! They do some touch ups on the model (my beard and nightstick loved a little wonky) before printing. Check out the spinning view here. I can’t wait to get it!



My remaining day of prop building was spent cleaning up the new Sakura star wand master. the process of primer coat, sand, fill, primer coat, etc. went on and on!


Each pass you seem to notice more and more flaws.


Finally, everything was looking pretty good. This Friday, I’ll do a polishing pass on it before pouring the mold. I should be able to pour resin into it by Sunday!



I get a lot of requests for the patterns for my Witching helm. Unfortunately, I kinda winged this project without doing any sort of formal plans.



I was able to trace out the pieces and reverse engineer the patterns.


You can download them here: Witchking_Helm. Have fun!


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  1. Mom says:

    Cool! I’ll you have an action figure to add to your collection?

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