I think I finally got the casting of my new Dragon Egg figured out. I slush cast Smooth Cast 300 in each open half.


I built up a lip on the mother molds so the two halves could be clamped together. Once the resin for the seam (in this cast Smooth Cast 305 with a 7 minute pot life) is dumped in the mold, you want to get the sealed mold rotating as soon as possible. My initial use of bolts just took too much time. The clapped together mold is screwed onto the shaft of the Roto-Crank and then I spend the next 10 minutes turning the handle.


After 30 minutes, I can demold a copy of the egg.


The cleanup of the seam is pretty easy. Since the seam line follows the edge of the scales, a quick swipe of a blade and a bit of smoothing with an emory board is all you have to do before painting. The kit is once again available in the store.


To finish the commission on the Toy Story Snake, I gave all the parts a coat of light green (Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Satin Eden).


I trimmed out the body vinyl decals and wrapped them around the two rotating segments and the eight body segments. I started the wrap slightly past the mid point between the two arms and followed the flat open edge. Once the other end wraps around, it overlaps slightly and blends in almost perfectly!


The neck pin is slid through the holes in the lower jaw and through the rotating neck before emerging on the other side of the jaw.


The ends of the pins don’t poke out much, but they don’t need to. You may have noticed that the pin is unpainted. It is unnecessary since it doesn’t show in the completed Snake.


A drop of super glue is placed in the jaw holes of the head piece. The neck pin snaps into these holes, locking the head assembly together.


The remaining body segments are joined by sliding the arms over each piece’s pins. The fit is tight so I applied some white grease for plastic.


The final step was to glue in the tongue and apply eye decals. The final kit will have alternate eyes so the buyer can choose how the Snake will look.


The first four are built and, after nearly a year of development, they will be heading to the clients.


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