Since I didn’t have any kits to make or big commissions in the shop, I spent some prop time doing yard work. Of prime concern was removing branches from a leaning tree before it topples over and destroys my wall. I took off as much as I could with the loppers but I think it will take a chain saw to finish the job. This tree is an Argentinian Mesquite which has horrible 3” thorns. I never escape unscathed when pruning this monster.


I was all set to start painting the Toy Story Snake parts when I realized that the two parts of the rattle needed to be glued together. I used a 5-minute 2-part epoxy so I could maintain momentum on this job.


All the parts get a nice coat of green paint.


The tongue and pin will get a coat of red. I almost forgot about this as well.


The next day after the paint dried, I cleared paint from the swivel joints, applied some white lube and snapped them together.


I trimmed out all the decals and wrapped them around the body segments.


Once I got the parts assembled, I had to wait for the client to choose which eyes he wanted.


He ended up choosing the open eyes. I put them on and then packed up the Snake for shipping.


My friend Paul came over on Saturday so we tried to make some progress on our Stormtrooper armor. I trimmed the front shin to get the seam flush. All these parts are covered with a protective film that will have to be removed to glue.


The shin halves are held together with a plastic strip, glued with E6000 and geld in place with strong magnets. Unfortunately, this glue takes 24-72 to fully cure so that will slow down progress. It is exciting, though, to see the suit come together!


My Phoenix Comicon statue from finally arrived. I am super-happy with the results!


When you get close you can see that detail is a bit soft but the color helps to define the shapes. I expect the technology will only get better and, in a few years these statues will rival any action figure.


By the way, I have started a new Twitter feed for non-prop related stuff. Follow me at @MeAmMikeIverson for all sorts of nerdy/cool stuff!

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