While updating the Sakura star wand kit, I discovered that I mis-placed the gem molds. I did, however, have the master. Since there’s a gem on both sides, I needed one more master so I could make a production mold that I could pour a set. I applied a new coat of primer and proceeded to smooth the gem to prep it for molding.


I used my Composimold to copy the single master.


With two on hand, I could make a silicone mold of the pair.


While that cured, I poured a black-tinted resin copy of the Caster gun bracket. I didn’t get enough pigment in the pour so I would need to paint it.


I positioned it on the Caster Gun display base and marked the proper location with tape.


After glueing it on with JB Weld, this Caster Gun commission is done!


The next day, I was able to cast red-tinted PolyTek Clear in the Sakura tip and gem molds. I had enough resign to also pour a set of Robot eyes while I was at it. Unfortunately, since I don’t have a vac chamber to remove the air bubbles from silicone, pressure casting causes some small bumps in the surface (you can see it in the highlight of the lower right corner). This can be sanded off but I’d like to get a perfect casting.


I did some last sanding to the Mr Potato Head eyes and applied a few coats of wax to smooth the surface further.


I clayed up the pieces to pour a two-part mold.


I also got a commission to build one of my Toy Story Snake kits. The parts arrived from Shapeways in about a week.


Even though the parts are printed in their green plastic, I needed to remove the print marks. I applied a coat of Filler Primer and sanded that once it dried.


Three coats later and the pieces are good and smooth! The green plastic will help on the inside of the pieces where spray paint can’t reach.


The rattle was easier to smooth since I made an adapter to chuck it to a hand drill. Just hold the sandpaper in place and hit the trigger of the drill. Done!


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2 Responses to Progress Weekend June 17-19

  1. Shannon Brown says:

    Have you ever thought about doing videos (on your projects)? Maybe even online classes? Just a thought;)

    • Mike Iverson says:

      I’m not really a performer and I think it would get in the way of building. When I have something that only makes sense to show with a video, I’ll film it.

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