After my first successful test with the new dragon egg mold, I needed to rig up some way to more easily roto cast the seam between the two halves. Because I was using slow curing resin, I had to hand rotate the mold for almost an hour! My solution was to build up one side of the mother mold with Plasti-Paste II and then attach a plumbing flange.


A pipe screws onto the flange and it fits into a PVC pipe which I zip tied onto the frame of my press. I know…high tech, right?


Using some scrap melamine and a dowel, I made a hand crank that fits on the other end of the pipe. I’ll still have to crank the mold while the resin cures but it’s a lot easier than holding this heavy mold. I’ve ordered more resin so I’ll get to test the whole rig this weekend!


Since I couldn’t do any casting, I painted and assembled my Judge’s med kit.


The devices fit into elastic loops in the pouch. I’m only missing some syringes to complete the set!


I also cast my friend Paul’s head on Saturday. Here he is under a layer of alginate with half of the plaster mother mold. We were able to throw some plaster in it and do some initial cleanup…pics next week.


I received a massive shipment of Snake parts from Shapeways! This is enough for the original clients, which I’ll build for them. Future kits will look like this.


The printed pieces are a decent green and only have a slight sandpaper texture. if someone wanted to just assemble it as-is, it would still look pretty good.


But I need to completely build four Snakes to fulfill my original commission. I sanded the surface to knock down the texture a bit.


Next, I gave each piece a coat of Filler Primer which, after sanding, smooths out the remaining texture. It is now ready for a coat of green paint, to bring it closer to the Toy Story color.


Here are the rotating segments for head and tail. These will allow the Snake’s head to rotate so he can rear up, as seen in the movie but still slither as the toy is intended to do.


I applied a little white grease to the slotted portion, lined up one side and then with a twisting push, snapped the two parts together.


Four tail segments assembled, sanded and waiting for primer.


The neck segment contains a pin to hold on the jaw. It needs to be removed and then the remaining connecting sprue is sanded flush. These are then ready to connect to their corresponding base.


That’s all I had time to do. See you next week!

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