First off, I’d like to announce that the project synopsis page for the Toy Story Snake is up. The summary makes is seem like a smoother process than it was. A kit is also available if your Robot is lonely.


I finally got around to starting the mold for the Dothraki Arakh. I carved out a recess in a sheet of insulation foam and built up a clay edge around it.


After building up the one side with Mold Max Stroke and applying a mother mold with Plasti-Paste II, I was able to flip it over and clean up the second side for molding.


The thing kept me from finishing the re-paint on my life-size Ninja Turtle was that I didn’t test the paint on the plastic. Once the primer and base coat was down, any masking tape pulled the paint cleanly off the turtle. That really took the wind out of may sails!


I discovered that Krylon Fusion paint makes an excellent primer though. It takes real effort to even scrape it off.


Of course that meant removing all the old paint. Acetone and steel wool worked with some difficulty but I found the easiest thing to do was to just pull off the paint with duct tape. It came off in big sheets with no effort.


The paint I used on the shell turned out to be durable so I started weathering those pieces with acrylic paint. Here the brighter tones are sponged on.


A first drybrush application of darker tones.


A few passes of increasingly darker shades gets it close to done. Some scuffs and brighter paint in the weapon slashes.

Progress_July5_0008_Layer 1

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