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Well, my intention to blog more often did not work out too well. I made a little progress on a bunch of projects but the majority of my time was spent cutting branches off a tree before it topped over and destroyed my back yard wall. I trimmed as much as I could with loppers but I made real progress when I bought one of these monsters!


What made the job so bad (besides the 110º heat), was the tree has massive thorns (1-3″ long) making it nearly impossible to move cuttings without piercing/cutting oneself. I even stepped on a few. The thorn one right through the sole of a army combat boot and into my foot.


OK, enough bitchin’…on with the props!

I originally planned to make a mold from the these masters for the Mr Potato Head eyes. As I was starting to clay them up, I realized that acting the eyes in their current form would be problematic. If there’s enough demand, I’ll re-make the masters, with the peg as a separate piece. (If you’re interested, let me know!)

I’ll be finishing the masters as a one-off for the original client. I applied a base coat of white.


Once this has a chance to cure, I have frisket masks for the pupils that I cut on my Silhouette Cameo.


I also finished up a Mr. Spell build for a collector in Australia.


My Toy Story clients have requested a 12″ Combat Carl from Toy Story of Terror. The only thing keeping me from starting it was finding a vendor to sew his vest and pants. I talked to a costume maker at Phoenix ComicCon this year and she quoted a price that met with the group’s approval. The project is officially kicking off!


I was able to get really good views of the model from the movie’s “making of” featurettes and drew my plans for them.


Starting with the head, I imported vector guides for the front and side views.


Strata allows me to work on one half of a model and it reflects the geometry so I can see the entire object. You want to work slowly to sculpt the form with as few polygons as necessary. This makes for a smaller file and it’s easier to make changes.



Slowly but surely, it takes shape. When I’m done, I’ll build in thickness to the mesh sho I can print it hollow at Shapeways. That print will be smoothed and molded for the final toy. This will be a long project as I want to make it as accurate as possible.


I have slowly been assembling prop replicas from the movie “Chapppie“. I found the right kind of Pelican box for his control chip and re-made the labels for it. Next will be cutting foam inserts to hold the chip. It’s an easy prop!


The control chip itself is a Logitech USB dongle, painted red with the serial number printed on a sticker and applied.


I also got a really good deal on Prince Nuada’s sword replica from Hellboy II:The Golden Army. I missed out on this when it first came out and have been stalking eBay for a reasonably-priced copy every since.


The sword itself is heavy and solidly built with a blade that looks sharp but isn’t. The detail and craftsmanship is exquisite!


Check out the pommel!


It even came with a bonus knife. Probably for stabbing Tooth Faeries!


I also finished the acrylic stand for the blaster.


For pressure casting the pommel and gems of the Sakura wand, I need a mold where all the air bubbles have been removed. Since I don’t have a vacuum chamber, Fev in Atlanta stepped in and made some beautiful molds for me!


Here is the resulting pressure castings from the molds! Fantastic!


A new kit of the Sakura Star Wand is now available. It comes in one form now, with a single piece head and clear gems and tip. It’s also cheaper! A bird head option will also be available in the coming months.


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