Although I did make progress this weekend on the robot, most of it was the mind-numbing detail work that isn’t very visually dramatic. That being said, behold the fruit of my labor!

In order to maximize the space inside the brain shells, I decided to trim down the eye grommet master before molding it. The stem of the resign eyes will also need to be trimmed down so the end remains in the grommet.


I had a hell of a time painting the backs and battery doors as white spray paint just isn’t very opaque. It took a ton of coats to get it close to a solid color. I made an accidental discovery while painting something else, though. Rustoleum High Heat paint goes on smooth and even and covers in a few light coats. The final finish is a silk-smooth satin surface. It will be my “go to” white paint for now on!


I secured the light switch into the battery door with a few drops of epoxy.


So the switch plate would sit at the right level, I had to remove a few millimeters from the tip of the lever.


The switch plate glued to the lever. Unfortunately, the switch only moves a short distance, limited by the underlying switch.


All torso finally painted. No matter how careful you are, there’s always something to touch up. I got most of it but will continue to fix things as I spot them.


I spread some plastic lubricant to the top of the wheeled base and secured the torso to the threaded nipple with a nut. The torso is secure but is free to rotate 360º.


I started to install the light kit into one of the robots, by taping the brain and eye lights into the head and threading the wires down though the jaw and neck.


The wires will be connected to the switch and battery pack once in the torso.


More progress next weekend!

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