With the Toy Story Robot out of the way, I’ve decided to kick off two new projects. A quick project will be a Rohirrim Axe from The Lord of the Rings movies, most notably in The Two Towers


While I was drawing up the plans, I created the horse head at the back of the axe in 3D and sent it off to Shapeways for printing.


The handle started out as a 1-1/4″ wooden dowel with the bottom sides cut flat. This makes the grip really comfortable. Those guys at Weta know what they’re doing!


The other end is tapered down to 1″.


The design on the blade was sent off to Scorpion Ridge for laser cutting out of a thin piece of plastic. This will be glued to the sides of the blade. I took the same plans and transferred the profile to MDF.


I cut two profiles from 3/4″ MDF and glued them together.


I shaped the taper on the belt sander.


I sealed the MDF with shellac, and smoothed the surface with Bondo and putty. A coat of primer finishes the blade until I get the engraved designs back.


My second project will be a replica of King Theoden’s helmet from the same movie. This will be a long-term project that will take many, many months to complete.


I sculpted the helmet in 3D and exported a paper model with Pepakura.


The paper model assembled. The bars across the opening help keep the shape since the paper will want to bend and deform.


I slushed Smooth-On SmoothCast 300 into the paper model, building up a thick wall of plastic.


The surface sanded smooth. Now the easy part is over. Lots and lots of detail will need to be added! Ugh!


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5 Responses to Progress Weekend February 28-March 2

  1. Mike Iverson says:

    I forgot to mention, I am working on the Toy Story Robot project post and kit information. Hopefully later this week!

  2. nick says:

    What 3D software do you use?

  3. Andrew Stivison says:

    Love me some LOTR props.. Will these eventually make there way into the kit section?

  4. Mike Iverson says:

    Oh yes, they will definitely be kits!

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