I continued to plug away at the prototype model for Combat Carl last weekend. I’m down to the legs, finally. The knee took some figuring out to unsure a good range of motion without hyper-extending.


I used the same kind of joint mechanism as on the elbows.


For a while, I toyed with the idea of just buying G.I. Joe boots to slip on his feet but it proved difficult to source them with any sort of consistency. The boots will be solid plastic, connecting to the leg at mid-shin.


The bottom of the shin will flare in, allowing the pants to “tuck in” to the hollow boot lip.


There wasn’t great reference for Carl’s boot tread other than the side. I based this pattern off a combat boot photo I found on the web.


I sculpted individual grommets to add to the boots. Laces will also be separate objects to be embedded into the boot geometry.


There are still some spacing issues, but it will be easy to correct since they are all individual objects.


Tune in next week for more glacial action!

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