Late last week while I was referenceing color for the Toy Story Robot, I discovered that the eyes actually have an extra layer on them. Just when I finished molding them, of course! I retrieved my masters and added another disc of MDF so I could make a new mold.


I was also able to pull my roto-cast copy of the robot’s chest. Even though I had to cut the mold in two places to de-mold the master, the copy barely has a seam.


I still had one piece to make and mold, a bracket that would hold the shoulder in the chest but, still allow it to rotate. The first step was to cut out the holes for the arms to stick out.


A test fit showed that arm assembly will stick out like so.


And it has full rotation as I planned.


It reminds me or a Dalek arm. This experience will come in handy when I finally get around to building one.


And of course, the arm will telescope back into itself! The rubber claw will attach to the nub at the end of the arm.


I used up every bit of resin I had on hand and was almost able to make 5 sets of parts (one for me, four for the clients). With more on the way, I’ll be able to finish casting next weekend and start building!!!


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