I had a little time off because of the Holidays so I was able to make more progress on the Toy Story Robot. Happy New Year, BTW.

After adding the second layer to the eyes, I made a mold. I’m still waiting for the clear resin…any day now!


I glued the back onto the torso of my prototype copt. It’s very helpful to do a dry run on this copy before tackling the clients’ robots.


I painted all the wheels the gloss orange. Because of the complex geometry, it took multiple coats with an hour or so between applications.


After the wheels dried, I could mount them to the steel axles. The fit is exact so no glue was necessary.


I picked up some .06″ and .04″ clear styrene to test forming the head pieces. The .06 formed the upper head piece nicely and has some nice strength to it. I’ll have to take greater care on the finals to remove dust during the process. It makes little bumps in the heated plastic.


The lower jaw/mouth area was formed from the .04″ plastic. Since this is a pretty small piece, I’ll make a second copy of the master so I can get two (or more) pieces per pull.


Since any paint applied to the shoulder would quickly be scraped off when the arm moved, I attached each shoulder to the Dremel sanding drum and high-speed sanded each one clean.


I cut copper 1/2″ pipe sections for the biceps. I filed the ends smooth and lightly sanded the surface for painting.


The copper pipe was sprayed with etching primer to allow the paint to stick to the metal pipe. I then glued on the (elbow) plastic adapters to one end of each tube. This will allow the forearm to telescope within the bicep.


All the biceps were attached to my high-tech painting rig. Impressive technology, right?


I had a lot of trouble cleaning up the claws when they were cast in the flexible plastic. The clients opted to have their claws cast in Smooth-Cast 300, a rigid plastic.


More very slow painting with the gloss orange. I’ll have an orange work table for a while.


Most of the pieces have been cleaned up and will be painted in the next week. I’m waiting on some silicone pigment for my next tread test but I’ll continue to assemble the parts I have.

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10 Responses to Progress Weekend December 27-31

  1. Megil says:

    Looking awesome! Any reason why the client wanted rigid instead of flexible plastic? Was it just a better finish?

    • Mike Iverson says:

      The flexible plastic wasn’t able to hold putty to clean up the seams. Since the Robot was probably going to just sit on a shelf most of the time, they opted for a ultra clean claw.

  2. Bruce Allen Conley says:

    When are you finished with the Robot?

  3. Bruce Allen Conley says:

    What time do you finish the robot?

  4. Bruce Allen Conley says:

    Will you be making a eBay account?

    • Mike Iverson says:

      Oh, yes. I promise. My eBay account will be called XXXXXXX.
      Mr. Spell will be 9.99 dollars
      Robot will be 9.99 dollars

  5. Mike Iverson says:

    You know, the great thing about Disqus comments as they verify who makes the post. This “Bruce Allen Conley”, who lives somewhere in Kentucky, apparently is masquerading as me as the previous two comments are his. Yes, I can see your IP address, stupid.

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