The weekend before last I finished up casting all the Toy Story Robot parts and began the long process of cleanup and primer. This weekend, though, I got to see some actual progress!

My plan for the treads was to mix up a small amount of red silicone and paint it in the letters and numbers. Once that set, I followed it with a coat of of grey (OK, a bit too much pigment made them black) to make the base of the tread. Once that cured, they would be glued into a loop with additional silicone.

The result was not what I wanted. The silicone was too translucent to get a good red and the the black showed through. Bleh! When I joined the loops, I was really unhappy with the seams as well.

Phase two will be to cast plastic in my molds, join the loop and putty the seam and make a new mold for a one piece casting. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to color the letters since both wants to stick to silicone. Any ideas??


I cleaned up a set of wheels for the prototype and got them painted. It’s nice when the paint actually matches the cap!


Bases painted


and handles!


Once the paint dried, I test fit the wheels. The best part is that they require no glue! All pressure fit!


What is this? A new Pokemon? An Adventure Time character? No, I forgot to drill two detail holes in the chest piece.


From the front it makes more sense. I added screws into each.


So I could make this modification to the other copies, I made a cardboard template to mark the spots.


To make the arms pivot, I made a Bondo socket over an extra acrylic gem from the same mold as the shoulder.


I made a silicone mold of the piece so I could duplicate it for the run.


The socket is hot glued inside the chest to hold the shoulders in place.


Shoulder in place with full rotation!


I cast claws in SmoothCast 60 which is a flexible plastic. Apparently, the plastic also repels sharks so be sure to take your robot swimming with you.


It’s not as flexible as rubber but it will allow the claw to grip!


A test fit of the claws on the forearm.


This shows how the pieces fit together to allow the arm to telescope.


A test fit of everything I have painted for the prototype, all pressure fit together.


The white back piece will eventually be glued to the chest but the battery hatch is a pressure fit piece. It’s starting to look a lot like a Robot!


I hope everyone has a happy holiday! Thanks for reading the blog!

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  1. Allen says:

    When are you finished with the robot?

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