Hey everybody! Sadly, there’s not a lot of progress to show this week (which also explains the lack of posts in previous weeks.

I got the Dothraki sword painted and clear coated, so now it was time to add the ornaments. On each side of the pommel, I glued amber acrylic cabochons.


At the base of the blade, I glued the cast resin doodads. Once I get the triangular resin gems, one will be glued in the middle.


I received for my Stormtrooper blaster kit beautiful resin copies of Sterling magazines to update my blaster kit.


In order to make the new magazines fit, I had to Dremel out the magazine well and thin up the walls.


The new magazine seated in the well.


The blaster kit did not come with an internal bolt to attach the charging handle. I cut a piece of wooden dowel and drilled out a hole for the handle.


I drilled a hole for a threaded rod which will help secure the handle.


I drilled a hole in the charging handle and threaded the hole using a tap and die kit.


Test fit.


This is when I realized that the bolt would not slide into the barrel with a threaded rod poking out the side. I was able to remove the rod from the bolt and glue it into the handle.


Test fit of the bolt in the barrel.


I expect to make more progress on the blaster this weekend and maybe work on the Turtle as well.

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