My Mr Potato Head eyes prototype finally made it home to Australia. He’s a little wall-eyed but I think it looks great. There seems to be interest in this item so I will be making a kit version.


I started the weekend by cutting the profile of the blade of the spear out of 1/8” plywood and adding balsa ridges to guide the Bondo.


I glopped Bondo in between the guides and used the curved edge of a mixing stick to form the fuller.


A quick coat of primer shows everything so far.


I cut off the end of the head shaft so the 3D printed decorative bits could just slide back on.


I flattened the sides of the shaft tip so the blade can glue to an even surface.


A test fit of the parts.


I masked off the blade so I could complete the tip of the shaft with a helping of Bondo.


Once the tip was sorted, I glued in the shaft and Bondo’ed the seam.


After a quick sanding and coat of primer, the spear head construction is done. Still some cleanup to do before I make a mold, though.


I also wanted to re-make the mold for the Sakura bird head wand tip. I’ll want to pressure cast the beak and mouth in clear resin so I needed to separate those parts.


The beak was cut off with a band saw and I inserted an aluminum tube to act as a post.


Because it would be almost impossible to line up the post with a hole and still have everything line up, I decided to work around the problem. The drilled a much larger hole in the head side. Now the post I can be inserted and you can move it around for proper orientation.


To make a tight fit, I masked off the beak and sprayed it with mold release to keep any Bondo from sticking to that side. I glopped some Bondo into the giant hole, combined the parts where I wanted them and when I removed the beak, the Bondo filled in any excess hole, leaving a perfect, tight fit!


Now, the head side was masked off and I glopped Bondo on the beak side. When I smushed the parts together, the Bondo fills the gap (mostly).


Once sanded, the parts lock tightly together! I will also be cutting out the mouth and making a new insert for it.

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