I was just about to mold my Simpsons Alan Moore figure when I decided to separate the arms so they could be posed. I cut a steel rod to make posts. Next weekend I can mold him!


My friend Paul needed a stand for his 47 Ronin armor and found this image on the web. I reverse-engineered it and simplified its design so we could knock it out in a day.


The main thing I changed was to limit the amount of square holes that needed to be cut in the poplar wood. I chisel out out holes for the main supports and the central adjustable rod. I changed the peg and the adjustment holes so I could just drill team. That’s much easier and faster!


The assembled stand


After fine sanding, we stained the wood. The poplar took the stain much better than the few pine pieces we used. Excluding the time and labor, the cost of this project was under $30.


Back on my life-size ninja turtle, it was time to install the o=pupils in the eyes. I found doll eyes on eBay that had the right size iris.


I used the band saw to cut off most of the eye and then took them to the belt sander to finish it.


The new pupil could then be dropped into the replacement eyes.


The new eye glued into place.


To remind you, these are the lame printed eyes that I’m replacing!


Much better!


I just have to make the mask and Mikey’s done!


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