Hey everybody! I’ll spare you the excuses as to why I’ve not been posting and just show you the current progress!

I’m in the process of moving my collection into a new, bigger room in the house and was reminded that they never came out with a Cotton Hill figure for the King of the Hill action figure line.

During lunch hour over the course of a few weeks, I sculpted Cotton in Strata 3D. I had not printed anything in the Shapeways “Sandstone” texture and was curious to see how it Cotton would look in full color. The test was very encouraging! The material has a rougher texture than the usual plastic but I think it has a fleshy quality to it that works with human figures.


Here is Cotton’s head next to the Hank figure. Before Cotton lost his shins, he was taller than Hank is now so the size looks right.


A few weeks later, I had the entire figure back. Here he is with the other figures of the line.


I’m very happy with the color although there was a huge learning curve to get everything exporting correctly. I think I have it figured out now…


He killed fitty men, you know…


before he had his shins shot off.


To bring the printing cost down, I made his torso and legs hollow. the holes in the bottom of his feet allow excess material to be blown out.


I also printed a WSF (White, Strong & Flexible) Polished version to test the difference in the two prints. The polishing removes lots of the subtle detail like the shirts stripes, so I would have to make a second model to build up those areas. Meh, not worth the effort.


Lastly, Bobby and his Peepaw. Get your copy HERE.


The full-color sandstone figure is available at Shapeways!

I’ve continued to plug away at the Dothraki sword and just about have it cleaned up.


For the Toy Story Snake, I had to switch to a longer curing plastic in order to get all the air bubbles out of the cast parts. It’s a giant pain in the butt but I’ve been able to get the parts out with very few failed pieces.

Each body half has to be sanded flat…


…then glued together and the seam puttied. The arms had to be strengthened with a little Bondo.


Then all mounting holes had to be re-drilled.


After painting, I pinned the segments together and added labels.


Here is the prototype Snake (for my collection)


With the swiveling segments at head and tail, he can sit upright READY TO STRIKE!!


As I was sitting around cleaning up all the parts for the clients (and dreading casting more), I remembered that Shapeways dropped their prices since I printed the original master pieces. A new calculation showed that the price of 3D printing all the kit parts was now viable!

I printed a test of all the unique parts after combing halves for a much stronger segment. The tail had to be printed in two parts to allow excess material to be removed.


These were glued together. This was printed in the green WSF Polished plastic so someone could just assemble their Snake without sanding and painting!


A body segment. The full Snake needs eight of these.


Here is the top of the neck swivel segment. The piece on the left is a second iteration with slotted collar so the piece can strongly snap into the base. The first print (on the right) had a shallow collar so it could snap into the base but it wasn’t wide enough to keep the parts attached.


Both swivel segments assembled.


The loose pin goes through the neck and into the jaw piece.


The tongue is also held in place with a small pin.


All the test parts combined. That is one stubby snake!


I was moving my table saw a few weeks ago when the plastic base shattered and snapped off its bolts! Fortunately, it is a Sears Craftsman saw so I got online and was able to order a replacement base.


$40 (shipped) and a few days later and I had a working saw again!


I also sculpted up a little Mega-City Judge badge for dog collars. Here is the prototype cleaned up for molding…


…and two cold cast brass badges ready for service.


Meet Judge Abby and Judge Maxine, fierce defenders of Justice! The badge is available in the shop for your pup!


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13 Responses to Progress Update May 11

  1. Carlos says:

    Show us a picture of your collections. So far we’ve only seen the LotR swords hanging in your living room

  2. Brooks says:

    I love your Cotton figure! I have the complete King of the Hill line and was upset that they didn’t make any more figures.

  3. Brooks says:

    You plan to make any more characters, such as Joseph Gribble?

  4. Johann says:

    Hello! I love your Cotton!!! I have the complete KOTH set! I want Cotton! I wish you would do Kahn, too! :)

    How can I order?

  5. Mike Iverson says:

    I totally spaced on creating a final project page for this. The figure is now available directly from Shapeways at https://www.shapeways.com/product/ZJR7ME5WQ/grumpy-disabled-vet-color?key=5915ee4df4c4260d770ef8695db017cd

  6. Brooks says:

    Is it just me or were you slightly disappointed with the Hank figure they came out with? I always thought they made him too pale with what looks like lipstick on his mouth, as well as getting his hair line wrong – a straight line on the figure instead of bumpy like in the show.

    • Mike Iverson says:

      Yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement but think he’s still an A-. I’m just happy they came out with any toys for the show.

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