Well, another 3 months evaporate with not much accomplished. Here’s what I’ve been up to…

If you’ve been following along on Twitter, then you saw the beginning stages of this project. I started Hedonism-bot from Futurama as a filler project and have been slowly making progress while more important paint and glue dries. He will be in scale with the other Toynami Futurama figures.


Here is the completed 3D model. Some of the parts will be expensive to print (even hollow) so I’ll be getting parts as I can sneak them in.


Rather than getting a very expensive couch print, I printed the edges only.


The middle was fleshed out with basswood.


The completed couch with a fresh coat of primer.


I also built the transduction nozzles for inside the Stormtrooper helmet. These go behind the “mic tips”. The base was cut from basswood with a styrene level.


More styrene, dowels and PVC.


The rest of the detail was 3D printed and glued on.


The nozzles are connected via corrugated hose to the Ventral Power units on either side of the helmet. I started with basswood and acrylic plates.


A coat of primer shows you all the work you still have left to do. Sigh.


I 3D-printed the vents for the tops of each unit.


I allowed extra space in the middle so the vents could be cut apart and glued down on either side of the sloped top.


Power unit with primer. I still need to add ports for the hoses to attach.


I also got in the 3D prints for a new set of Mr Potato Head eyes. This version will include two sets of angry/sad eyebrows that can be swapped out for more range of expression.


Over the last three months, I was getting printed parts for the Combat Carl replica. There was a lot of test-fitting, adjusting and re-printing before I got the parts right. Here you can see how the shoulder (and other joints) work. The swiveling joint pins will be 3D printed for each toy for maximum strength. The outer ring will be cast resin so that they match the rest of Carl’s skin.


The test leg. The base of the calf pinches in to allow room for the pants legs to tuck in.


The legs have a decent range of motion, too, so he can sit down.


Carl’s equipment: Shotgun shells, grenades, buckles and knife with sheath.


For the initial working prototype, I only printed one leg and arm until I was sure everything was working right. Carl is 12’ tall, in case you were wondering.


After receiving the other leg and arm, I primed and sanded all the parts to remove any 3D printing marks.


I also marked the joint pins so they could be easily identified as to where they were supposed to go. That’s an “H” for Hip.


One additional refinement was to add a ridge to the elbow outer ring.


This prevents the arm from overextending.


The FINAL protoype!


Last weekend, I started the laborious task of preparing the parts for molding.


More of this to come! I’m cautiously optimistic that I can be pouring silicone this weekend, especially with the Memorial Day holiday! Fingers crossed!


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