While the Yu-Gi-Oh cuff is under silicone, I made some dramatic progress on the Hellboy comic pistol. It was finally time to chop up the barrel on the airsoft donor gun so it can fit in the new barrel assembly. I measured the tolerances in the new barrel and cut away the plastic under the gun barrel.

Once the plastic was removed, I could cut away the airsoft steel tube and the lead sleeve surrounding it. The lead is to add weight to make it feel more like a real gun so I wanted to keep as much as possible in the new gun.

After all the cutting, the sight rail and about a 1/4″ of barrel are all that remain. It does fit nice and snug in the new barrel assembly.

Now the moment I’ve been dreading for a while…what do I do with all that cavity if I’m going to mold this thing?

The solution I chose could have ruined all my work so far. I coated the barrel with mold release, and mixed up a little Smooth-On Foam-it 3 and poured it into the cavity. I re-seated the gun and waited for the expanding urethane foam to fill the void. I guess I estimated the right amount as very little seeped out.

After a half hour, the leaked foam was no longer sticky so I tried to remove the gun. It held fast but I was finally able to free it. Left behind was a perfect impression of the pistol! Just a little cleanup, then I can get it in silicone!


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