Most of Saturday morning was spent working the star holes in the Yu-Gi-Oh cuff master. I ended up re-making several of them as they were rotated slightly, the edges chipped or they were the wrong depth. I got to the stage where I could add some styrene to the bottom of the hole but I still have more work to do.

I cut a styrene template so that the Shapeways barrel insert could be glued into the frame of the Hellboy pistol frame evenly spaced on all sides. I used some 5-minute epoxy to glue the base…the epoxy allowed time to position the insert exactly where I wanted it.

Prop time was cut short so I could go see the first showing of Dredd 3D. In short, I can die happy. Although based on the comic book series, the movie is shot as a straight-up police drama with crazy action and gore, and only a tinge of sci-fi. It’s visceral, immersive and feels utterly real. I’m a long-time Judge Dredd fan and I never thought I’d get an adaptation this perfect.

I think Dredd stuff is on the build list!

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