Not a whole lot done on the things I should be working on as I needed to get things together for Halloween tonight. I decided to wear my Sauron armor and since I haven’t worn it in years, it needed some attention. Mostly, I was just glueing down pieces that came loose the last time I wore it.

This armor was slapped together with silver vinyl with puffy paint for the Black Tongue runes. My dream project is to completely rebuild the suit but in plastic or fiberglass…someday! Here’s a teaser…I’ll post tonight’s pictures tomorrow.

Safe Halloween, everyone!

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3 Responses to Progress Saturday 10/27/12

  1. jose says:

    have u pics of your last time whit the armor, i really wanna see that, im making lord nazgul for a hallowen party by this time, whish me luck

  2. Jessica Deering says:

    Your “slapped together” armor is far better than any attempt I’ve ever seen! I can’t wait to see the whole costume!

  3. Paul Rotzler says:

    So much funnnnnnnnnnnn

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