Well, how embarrassing! I didn’t realize that it had been so long since I posted. Unfortunately, I don’t have a whole lot to show for the time gap. But, since you asked…

First off, I broke down and bought a painting pressure pot. Painters hook up a paint gun to it but I plugged up those outlets and created a chamber for pressure casting resin.


If you’re reeeeeeally lucky, you can get a *relatively* bubble-free casting with clear resin, but you need to cast under pressure to guarantee a usable result!


I got both rings for my Rohan spear back from Shapeways but have not even started on the master for the spear head.


My life-size Ninja Turtle is still not finished…I was about to mount the head and decided that I didn’t like the flat mouth and eyes. I cut out the mouth and larger eye holes. I wanted a happier expression in the eyes since Michelangelo is a good-natured idiot.


I smushed some Bondo through the eye holes from the back and then carved them into orbs.


A quick waste mold allowed me to cast nice white resin eyes


Once in place, I could mark the location of the pupils.


Based on screen caps and some calculatin’, I ordered some doll eyes (eBay) that had pupils the proper size for my purposes. I trimmed out the pupil which will be inserted in a hole in the eyeball.


I also painted the nunchucks and attached the resin chains.


I retired the Caster gun kit when I ran out of the aluminum breach rails. I had one master set left and, on a whim, decided to mold them.


The cold cast aluminum copies are almost indistinguishable from the original when polished!


Since the barrel molds had also worn out, I re-poured them as well. The Caster gun kit has been given new life and will be back on sale shortly. UPDATE: The kit is back on sale!


I decided to make a stand for the new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures…the holes on their feet are too big for any available stand and some of them can’t stand by themselves. I sculpted a 3D model which was printed at Shapeways.


Four aluminum cold cast copies, right out of the mold!


A quick steel wool buffing brings out the metal highlights but I wanted to take them one step further.


I used acrylic paint to color the logo, taking care to only get paint on the flat surface of each letter, not the sides.


A wash of black paint fills in the recesses and pops the detail. Once that dried, another buffing of steel wool brings out the metal and wears the color down to blend it into the surface.


Turtle Power! You can get a set of these for your own collection in the kit section.


I’ll try to post more often!

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