First order of business this morning was to get started on the mold for the Yu-Gi-Oh gauntlet cuff. ┬áThis time around I decided to make the bottom of the mold first. I cut a hole in a piece of 2″ insulation foam, embedded the cuff into it and sealed the edges with clay.

I used MoldMax Stroke to build up the bottom mold. Tomorrow, the other half and Sunday the first test casting!

Back to the Hellboy comic pistol…I cast resin copies of the BPRD seals and while they were still soft (or “green”) I placed them in the grip cavities, curving them over a small piece of wood and taped them in place so they could continue curing.

I glopped a bit of Bondo into each grip cavity (after laying down a protective layer of tape) and smushed the seals into position. Once the Bondo cured, the gap behind the seal was filled for a perfect fit in the grip.

In other news, the grip molds turned out perfectly! Or so I thought…

Until I discovered that while the resin copies will fit the client’s modified gun, they won’t fit my unmodified pistol. I ended up having to expand the cavity for the frame to properly fit. I’ll have to re-pour that side of the mold but only after I make sure mold sides fit properly.

One side fits so nicely, it snaps on and stays without glue!

More mayhem tomorrow!



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