I put in a few hours this morning on all the open projects. Not a ton of progress, but every little bit helps!

I actually got started on correcting the star holes of the Yu-Gi-Oh cuff last weekend. Before I started, I made a useful note so I didn’t screw it up again.

I Dremeled out the holes that I so carefully made in preparation of the new ones.

I re-measured the spacing, drew a guide line and made notches for the star hole guide to fit in. One of the old holes was actually 1mm off so it’s good that I’m re-doing it!

Using Bondo and the 3D-printed hole template, I re-made all the holes. The reminder note came in handy as I almost made the stars upside down again! As of noon today, I’m still cleaning up the holes. Hopefully I can get the new mold started by Sunday.

Some good news this week…I picked up new BPRD symbols for the Hellboy pistol grips on Thursday and got them into silicone today. My friends at ScorpionRidge Engraving were nice enough to cut one additional symbol in case I messed up again!

I got my 3D-printed barrel insert from Shapeways today. It turned out great! There’s just no way I could’ve made this by hand (and I did try).

At a little over 3″ deep, it should look like a full barrel once the inside is painted black. I ordered this on September 4th so it took about 2-1/2 weeks to get to Arizona.

This thing is built to throw a big 31mm monsta-killin’ shell!

Coming later this week, the full WIP post on the Izangi Helmet! Here’s me rocking this crazy thang! It isn’t designed for a guy with a beard.

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2 Responses to Progress Friday 9/21/12

  1. Reaperette says:

    Can’t wait to see the finished Izanagi!
    Any ideas or orders from the client how to make the shoes/boots/heels as it stands on blades or something?

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